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Selling Digital Products

A digital product is an intangible asset or piece of media that can be sold and distributed repeatedly online without replenishing inventory. These products often come in downloadable or streamable digital files, such as MP3s, PDFs, videos, plug-ins, and templates.

Starting from version 1.1.0 we've built a new feature that makes it easy to sell digital products. Please make sure your software is up-to-date and follow this guide to get started.

The process of publishing a digital product is similar to how you would post a physical product as described in the "Your first product" guide. The difference is that you need to uncheck the "This is a physical product" checkbox. Otherwise, it will assume you will ship a physical product to your customer.

Uncheck physical product checkbox

Now after your product has been initialized scroll down to the Inventory management section you should see the form to upload your digital assets. Click on it to begin uploading your file.

Digital attachment upload form


Remember to hit Save when your file has been uploaded.

And that's how we create a single variation digital product. So what if you want to create a digital product with multiple variations? Let's say you want to sell an e-book in different formats like PDF, ePub, or even HTML... and each format will have its own price.

The process is similar to listing a regular product for sale. First, you will need to create a new option for the product and name it as Format and choose Text as visualization. Then set values for this option with PDF, ePub, HTML... Hit save when you are done, and you should see a list of variants like so:

Create multiple variants for digital product

For each of these individual variations, tap on them to move to the variation management page. From there you will see the same upload form as for the product with a single variation. Just simple like that and your digital product is now ready for sale. Good luck!