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Cartify may be fully localized using Laravel's localization services . After installed your application will contain a lang translation directory where you may customize the en.json file or create a new JSON translation file for your language.

Customizing text

If you just want to change the text on the website open the en.json file in the lang directory and then add the text you want to change.

For example, if you want to change the "Add to cart" line on the product page to "Add to basket", you can do as the following:

  "Add to cart": "Add to basket"

And here is the result:

Changed text on website

Translate your website

If you want to translate your website into another language then you will need to do a few extra steps.

First, open the file app.php located inside the config directory then look for the line locale you will see the current value is en. Now change it to the language you want to translate like jp, vi or even japanese or vietnamese...


You can use any string you want for the value of the locale, just keep in mind to use lowercase, and you should not use any special characters.

Next create a new JSON file with the same name as the value of the locale you set up earlier. For example if you set it as japanese create the corresponding file japanese.json. Then add the lines that you want to translate as follows:

  "Add to cart": "カートに入れる",
  "See all :count review|See all :count reviews": ":count件すべてのレビューを見る"

And here is the result:

Translated text on website